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Oculus for Business is evolving into Quest for Business

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IrisVR Joins The Wild!

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Autodesk University 2020: Project Delivery Methods with Marin Pastar

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VR for Building: Why Virtual Reality is for Builders, Not Just Technologists

Higher Quality Project Delivery with Pre-Occupancy Evaluations in VR

AR/VR Technology Heats Up in 2020 with $2 Billion+ in Funding and M&A

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How Gilbane Built Pandemic-Proof, Tech-Enabled VDC Processes with IrisVR

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Tech+ Virtual 2020: Digital Transformation & Rising Complexity in AEC

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Microsoft ‘Work from Home’ Announcement Signals Enterprise Remote Work Trend

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Testing Prospect by IrisVR on the Oculus Quest 2

VR for Training - Creative Implementations with a Turnkey Solution

Why VR, Why Now Episode 3 Recap - EIS

Part II - Designing a Successful Proof of Concept: Emerging Technology in AEC

Designing a Successful Proof of Concept: Emerging Technology in AEC

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5 Reasons Why Your Next Design Crit Should Be In VR

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Industry Report: The State of Enterprise VR in 2020

How VR Meetings on Oculus Quest Help DeForest Architects Collaborate Anywhere

Webinar Recording Available: The State of Enterprise VR in 2020

We're Here to Help: VR Meetings for Your Entire Team

Sync Faster + Save Space with Prospect 2.9

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Windows MR Headsets - Where Are They Now?

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Prospect for Oculus Quest is Coming Soon!

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4 Emerging Technologies Disrupting the Oil & Gas Industry in 2019

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Which Computers are Best for VR?

Announcing Full Navisworks BIM Support, New Team Management Tools, and More in Prospect 2.5

IrisVR + Puget Systems: Custom VR-Ready Computers For AEC Firms

16 AEC Tech Predictions for 2019

Navisworks to Google Cardboard: How to View Clashes in VR

How SHoP Architects Used IrisVR to Demystify the Design Process for Clients & Increase Commissions

Revolutionizing Design with VR: Our Director of UX at World Usability Congress 2018

Which VR Headset Should I Buy?

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5 Scary VR Myths You've Probably Heard - And Why They Aren't True

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How to Create an Architectural VR Walkthrough

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How These 3 Architecture Firms Use Virtual Reality (VR) In Their Design Review Process

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Why This 12-Person Architecture Firm Employs VR On Every Project

5 Courses Revit Users Should Attend at Midwest University 2018

Employee Spotlight: Sam Al-Mutawa

7 Ways to Make Your Multiuser Meeting in VR a Success

Prospect 2.0: Multiuser Meetings and More

Multiuser Meetings for Prospect are Here!

Accurate Daylighting Studies in Prospect via Geolocation

Employee Spotlight: Ailyn Mendoza

Case Study: Friis & Moltke

New Year, New Scope

Employee Spotlight: Robin Kim

How to Flag Revit Elements in Prospect and Review in Revit, Dynamo, and Navisworks

Our Multiuser Beta is Here!

Case Study: Agora Architecture

New Presentation Tools for Prospect Pro

Case Study: ZEBRADOG

How TreeHouse Saved $70k with VR

Case Study: Marmon Mok Architecture

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Headsets Are Here

Using Virtual Reality for Building Safety and Code Compliance

Case Study: Barton Malow Company and Romeo High School

How to Document Your In-VR Meeting in 5 Easy Steps

Optimizing Your 3D Model for VR Success

Employee Spotlight: Ana Garcia Puyol

Case Study: Mortenson Construction and Pennsylvania State University

Going Green: How We Did Mixed Reality Capture with Prospect

Case Study: Oral Roberts University

Go to Great Lengths with Prospect 1.6

How to Get Started With Room-Scale VR for the Oculus Rift

How To Add Stereo Panoramas to the IrisVR Scope App

Case Study: StudioMB

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Strap Those Goggles On! Trials Are Now 45 Days

SketchUp to VR in 10 Seconds

Virtual Reality in the Workplace: How to Set Up VR for Every Office Layout

Prospect 1.5: The Release You’ve Requested

Employee Spotlight Round 2: Jack Donovan

Testing Prospect: Is it True to Scale?

Scale Model Mode Update: Section, Scale, and Rotate

Behind the Scenes at IrisVR: Designing VR Software

IrisVR Case Study: From Wow to Workflow

Enhancing Storytelling for Architecture

IrisVR Case Study: Miele

The Sky Is Too Blue! Explorations Into Global Lighting & Shadows

Our Favorite VR-ready Hardware: How to Get the Most Out of Prospect

Quality Assurance and Control with Virtual Reality

Immersive Design and Immersive Review

Getting Started with Virtual Reality and Immersive Review

Implementing Immersive Review into your Projects

IrisVR Archtober Events - Communicating the Unbuilt in Virtual Reality

IrisVR Prospect plugin for Grasshopper

Announcing the new IrisVR Scope App

How to Create Stereo Panoramas Using V-Ray

How To Add Stereo Panoramas to the IrisVR Scope App

IrisVR at The Revit Technology Conference

IrisVR 0.2.0 and the state of the Oculus runtime for Mac OS

Is VR True to Scale? Experiments Say Yes

IrisVR and HTC Vive Integration: Natural Movement and Interaction

IrisVR and HTC Vive Integration: First Impressions

How To Locate CPU & GPU

Getting a DK2 demo into the Samsung GearVR

Polygon Count in SketchUp for Iris 0.1.2

How to Set Up and Build A Demo for Gear VR Innovator Edition

0.1.2 App Benchmarks

How to Give A Virtual Reality Demo

Generative Design, Reality Computing, and Virtual Worlds at AU2014

Iris and the AEC Hackathon

Natural VR Input with the Myo Armband

The Iris Spawn Manager for Unity

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VR's Time to Shine

Employee Spotlight: Jack Donovan

Z-Fighting: What is It, and How Do I Fix It?

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