Scale Model Mode Update: Section, Scale, and Rotate

Posted by Leah Kovach on May 24, 2017

This release came out in May 2017. Try out the latest version of Prospect now by starting a 14-day free trial

Here at IrisVR, we’re regularly prototyping the in-VR user experience as we design our software . In order to create useful and intuitive virtual tools, we often think about the end-to-end process of how a spatial concept develops into a completed building project. This includes the process of making physical scale models, which are effective at communicating complex space but are time consuming to keep up with iterative design changes.

In our latest update to Prospect, we reimagined our virtual equivalent of the physical model - Scale Model Mode - and enhanced its capabilities to help you view 3D models in VR during design review.

What is Scale Model Mode?

Scale Model Mode lets you view a virtual rendering of your model in the same way that you would view a traditional, physical model.

You can lift and move the scale model around space...

Scale Model Movement

...zoom in on your model...

Scale Model Zoom

...and rotate.

Scale Model Rotate

Additionally, as part of our latest release, you can now section your model! This allows you to view your model from new perspectives and teleport directly into interior spaces (especially useful for large, multi-story projects).

You can section the model vertically...

Scale Model Section


Scale Model Section

...or however you’d like!

It’s our goal to create tools that are easy to use, fit into your existing workflow, and make it easy for you to iterate upon your ideas. Want to learn more? Read our release notes for full details on our latest update.

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