Commercial Real Estate Gets Its VR Moment - Knotel Webinar Recap

Posted by Sam Al-Mutawa on Jul 13, 2020

We recently sat down with Knotel to discuss how Commercial Real Estate is having its moment with VR.

5 of our favorite takeaways from that round table discussion:

  1. VR enables end users the ability to essentially “test drive” a space - which is what most everyone prefers to do for other expensive purchases, like a car.  
  2. The global pandemic has accelerated deployment of a lot of lasting trends like VR that were already working - and now truly feel like a natural part of conducting business
  3. You can do a lot more with a digital space than you can with a physical space, and you have a lot more flexibility and fluidity to control the buyers/owners experience which can be complicated and have a lot of moving parts - showcasing different design options, layouts, color palettes, etc, essentially for free in a digital environment.
  4. VR humanizes the experience, particularly when thinking of people returning to offices and the evolution of what those will look like and what the experience will be like - reassuring people that safety is properly accounted for, going a long way for establishing trust and confidence. 
  5. In sales and in presentations, you pick up a lot on how people move both through a space with their body language. With VR you get that, allowing you to reap these benefits ordinarily reserved for in person interactions and tours.

Watch the full video of that round table featuring IrisVR CEO and Co-Founder Shane Scranton, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!



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