Windows MR Headsets - Where Are They Now?

Posted by Daniel Evans on Jul 25, 2019


Windows MR Headsets Dell Acer

The original line of Windows MR headsets; Photo courtesy of PCWorld


It’s been a huge summer for VR, AR, and MR technology, with a wide range of new headset announcements attracting attention.

But with the arrival of all the new headsets, some older VR headsets are also beginning to disappear from the market. 

As Road to VR reports, most of the Windows Mixed Reality (MR) headsets that arrived back in October 2017 are disappearing from the Microsoft online store - as well as other online outlets (such as Best Buy and Amazon US). 


Current Status of Windows MR Headsets

Currently, only 2 headsets appear on the Windows Mixed Reality headsets store page: the Samsung Odyssey+ (now available for just $299) and ASUS Windows MR Headset (which is listed as “Out of Stock”). 

That list doesn’t include any headsets from Lenovo, HP, Dell, or Acer.

As for Best Buy’s online store, the Dell VR headset is available on sale. Two other Windows MR headsets (the Acer VR headset and the brand-new HP Reverb) are listed as sold out. The current status of the HP Reverb and its ultimate release date are still unknown. 

In general, it does seem possible that Windows MR headsets are being discontinued. 

Possible reasons for this include the oncoming release of a new Xbox console (Project Scarlett), or, as Road to VR predicts, low stock of a component that’s common between the headsets - on a manufacturing level, there are a lot of underlying similarities between the headsets, so one missing piece could have large ramifications. 

There could also be a whole new generation of Windows MR headsets coming. The HP Reverb has set a precedent for this as a possibility. This is purely speculation - more info to come as it becomes available. 


Our VR Headset Recommendations

No matter what ends up happening with the current line of Windows MR headsets, we’re continuing to support Windows MR headsets for anyone currently using them. 

If you're interested in purchasing a Windows MR headset to use Prospect, our recommendation is the Samsung Odyssey+ headset, which remains available on the Windows MR store (though it’s listed as having low stock on Amazon). Outside of the Windows MR ecosystem, we also have many customers using the Oculus Rift S or Oculus Quest.  


Oculus Rift S

The Oculus Rift S is a great choice for top-tier, immersive VR experiences. Photo courtesy of Oculus.


The Rift S has many of the features that made the Windows MR headsets attractive in the first place - such as inside-out tracking that allows you to enter an immersive VR experience without setting up an external sensors. For top-of-the-line VR experiences drawn from larger Navisworks and Revit files, the Rift S is the way to go. 

On the other hand, the Quest is a great headset for more mobile VR use cases, like bringing VR to a jobsite or client meeting. It loads powerful virtual experiences without needing to be plugged into a computer. And at just $399, it’s one of the most affordable and accessible VR headsets ever released.



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Ready to take things one step further? Our recent eBook - the Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with VR - outlines everything you need to know. 



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