Next Level Integrations: Updates for our Navisworks, Revit, and Rhino Plugins

Posted by Leah Kovach on Jul 1, 2019


At IrisVR, we aim to make a VR an everyday tool for the AEC industry. That’s why we focus on integrating Prospect with the 3D modeling applications and file types that you’re already using day in and day out.

Today, we’re excited to announce that our latest update to Prospect is all about taking these integrations to the next level. Here’s what Prospect 2.7 brings to the table:

  • Custom metadata selection in Navisworks
  • Navisworks 2020 and Revit 2020 support
  • Brand new user interface for our Revit and Navisworks plugins
  • The official end of beta for our Navisworks integration
  • A new and improved Rhino plugin

Keep reading to learn more about everything you can expect with the release of Prospect 2.7.

Navisworks Updates: 2020 Support, Custom Metadata Selection, and More

The release of Prospect 2.7 brings a number of updates to our Navisworks integration.

With this update, you can now select what BIM metadata you want to bring into VR when you import files from Navisworks. Since some Navisworks files can have thousands of metadata fields, using this tool enables both faster file loading times getting into VR and more focused VR model review sessions.

With instant access to the element-level BIM data you need (and no irrelevant information to distract you when you’re inspecting elements), your in-VR model coordination sessions can become more productive than ever.




Prospect 2.7 also includes a freshly updated user interface for Navisworks, making the process of selecting what viewpoints and properties you want to bring into VR is easier than ever. 




In addition, we’re now offering support for Navisworks 2020. Construction companies all over the world are already using Navisworks + IrisVR for visual clash detection, subcontractor training, MEP coordination, and immersive collaboration, so we’re excited to continually update and modernize this integration.

Given all of these updates to our Navisworks integration, we’re officially taking Navisworks out of beta with this release.


Revit Integration Updates: 2020 Support and Upgraded User Interface

Along with our updates to our Navisworks integration, we’re also upgrading our Revit integration with Prospect 2.7. As of this release, we now support Revit 2020.

Additionally, we’ve built a new and improved user interface for Revit. Now, our Revit integration’s interface will match our Navisworks interface, allowing for an accessible and easy workflow across the board.


Rhino Update: Faster Conversions and Stability Improvements

Finally, to round out Prospect 2.7, we rebuilt our Rhino plugin from the ground up. The changes that we've made are mostly invisible to users - and the user experience remains the same - but our backend optimizations ensure faster conversions into virtual reality and stability improvements. 


Want to give all these new updates a try? Start a free trial of Prospect today.



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