Prospect 2.0: Multiuser Meetings and More

Posted by Leah Kovach on Feb 21, 2018

Prospect has always been a tool that makes collaboration easy and meetings more productive. Our 2.0 release builds on those values, and it includes several new features that are built for immersive design and review. 

Below, we outline the updates and how they can be used in your everyday workflow:

Multiuser VR Meetings

With Multiuser Meetings for Prospect, you and up to 11 of your colleagues or clients can meet in virtual reality to discuss a 3D model from anywhere in the world

Multiuser Sectioning GIF Auditorium

UPDATE: VR meetings are now available for Oculus Quest! With our new collaborative workflows, we've made it easier than ever for everyone to get on the same page with VR—no matter where they're joining from and what headset they have access to. Learn more here.

FBX Support

Designers working with 3DS Max, Maya, Navisworks, and more can now easily export their model as an FBX file and upload into Prospect for quick and easy design review sessions in VR. 

Update as of August 2018: we now have a plugin for Navisworks. Click here to learn more information and give it a try.

FBX Support Prospect IrisVR


Eraser Tool

Annotations are useful when it comes to marking problem areas and documenting potential changes during VR Meetings. However, sometimes a 3D sketch is just not right. Our new eraser lets you delete markups created with both the Brush and Callout tools. It works with both hand-drawn annotations and projected Markups drawn onto walls and far distances. 

Eraser Tool GIF


Enhanced Glass Settings

Enhanced Glass Settings let users customize their VR experiences to get the perfect look and feel for presentations and meetings. 

Enhanced Glass Settings


Want to learn more about the release? Start a free trial of Prospect today.


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