Industry Report: The State of Enterprise VR in 2020

Posted by Nate Merchant on Apr 3, 2020

The State of Enterprise VR in 2020 Report

A lot's changed in AEC over the past few years, especially when it comes to VR.

With the excitement fueled by new standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest - and the continued need for remote, collaborative tools that bring the job site anywhere - we wanted to dive deeper.

We set out to analyze VR usage and trends from this past year to help you figure out what the future looks like. 

We surveyed a wide range of AEC professionals to identify growing trends and answer your biggest questions, including:

  • Which headsets dominate across architecture, construction, and engineering?
  • How often are firms actually using VR?
  • How have VR meetings changed the way coordination + design reviews happen? 
  • Are firms planning to expand their VR capabilities? 

...and much more. Download the report today to get all the data. 


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