For Security and Scalability, Check Out the New Meta Quest for Business (Beta)

Posted by Jordan Lipton on Feb 16, 2023

The new Meta Quest for Business (beta) is now available for U.S.-based businesses and employees. According to Meta, the subscription service (currently free during beta) makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale Meta Quest headsets within your company. This is great news for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms seeking to add or grow VR usage within their teams.

In past iterations of this program, our AEC customers have shared concerns about enterprise-level support, data privacy and security, and the options to have custom applications to support business needs. With this new program, Meta aims to address these issues and more. 

Meta Quest for Business essentially offers three main pillars: user management, device management, and app management. 

User Management 

User Management

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The service offers users an Admin Center for IT teams to manage access to Meta Quest headsets within their organizations. Users will need a Meta work account to access the headsets. Among the additional enterprise-level security benefits are two-factor authentication and single sign-on. 

Device Management  
Device Management

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Quest for Business also provides the ability to centrally control your fleet of Quest headsets. Other advantages include the ability to remotely wipe headsets (remove data including profiles or confidential information), handle PIN-reset requests, and centrally manage apps. 

It’s important to note that there isn’t a specific headset requirement for this service. We’ve heard consistently from customers in the AEC industry that they are concerned about having to pair a Facebook account, or that their personal data might get mixed into a Meta account.  Any Meta Quest 2, or Quest Pro, will allow you to log in to your Meta work account and have your professional profile separate from your personal one. You can also use this program on previously purchased headsets. 

App Management 

App Management

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It’s easy to deploy and control which custom apps go on individual headsets with Quest for Business (beta).

Benefits to address previous concerns 
While these three main pillars offer a great deal of advantages for users, there may be reasons why companies are hesitant to have users create Meta accounts. Some firms may be reluctant because they think setting up accounts might be too complex or time-consuming. There’s also the possibility that some companies are skeptical about Meta in general and may not understand the value this would provide.  

As already mentioned, privacy is always an important factor for technology considerations for firms. According to Meta, “If your organization provides you with a Work Account, the Work Account is provided for login and authentication purposes only, and to allow you and others to access Meta Quest-branded devices, and Meta and third-party applications, products, and services made available on the devices.”   

Every company has its own set of needs, constraints, and priorities and the decision to use this program ultimately depends on those unique factors. However, there are significant benefits with this program that firms should consider.  
The Top Benefits of Meta Quest for Business 

One of the primary benefits Meta Quest for Business (beta) offers is enterprise-grade security. We’ve heard time and again from our customers that security is a major concern. This program addresses this by including features such as two-factor authentication and single sign-on to the headsets. 
With this program, IT teams have more access and visibility into their AEC firm’s VR hardware, and the various stakeholders—architects, BIM managers, and engineers who are implementing this technology across multiple locations. Meta Quest for Business will also provide IT departments with the ability to deploy and manage software on VR headsets through the device manager to create custom work experiences. 
By experiencing some of the features and benefits available through Meta Quest for Business, AEC firms can more confidently unlock the game-changing possibilities of VR. If you’d like more information about joining the Meta Quest for Business beta you can find it here.  

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