5 Courses Revit Users Should Attend at Midwest University 2018

Posted by Leah Kovach on Mar 16, 2018

Understanding industry trends and new Revit developments are two of the most important parts of our work. Midwest University is one of several conferences we attend to stay up-to-date on what’s new while sharing our own product advancements and ideas on how VR and AR will move the industry forward. This year’s conference will allow us to explore the future of the industry, connect with users face to face, and learn in these classes: 

Getting Started on the Right Foot: Revit/BIM Project Planning

This course is based on the thought that Revit/BIM planning will help keep your project on schedule, on budget, and up to proper organizational standards - all things we love to learn about here at IrisVR. Learning to develop, implement, and maintain a BIM strategy is extremely useful in the early stages of any design workflow, which is why we’re so excited to hear more on this subject.

Coordinating a Complex Project with Autodesk Revit and VR

This course takes users from project planning to visualization in VR. Discussing various VR software for building projects - including IrisVR - this course will use Revit models to examine schematic design and construction administration. We’re excited for this course to show how VR can transform AEC workflows and increase efficiency through every stage of the building process.

Collaboration in VR: Using Revit + Prospect to Enable Multiuser Virtual Reality Meetings

This class will showcase a streamlined workflow between Revit and Prospect that allows multiple users in different locations to simultaneously walk through a shared model in a Multiuser Meeting. Attendees will learn how to take their files from Revit to VR, BIM best practices for VR, as well as ways to create a compelling work session and narrative for visitors in your immersive walkthrough, no matter the type of project or office setting.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Efficiency in Revit

This course focuses on tips and tricks for Revit users that will speed up your modeling process and make it more efficient. Real world examples will be highlighted - so that you can take what you've learned back to the office. 

Meeting Sophia The Robot

We know this session isn’t about Revit, but we’re excited to see Sophia speak at this year’s conference. Sophia, Hanson Robotics’ latest creation, will be leading Midwest University with her incredible speaking abilities. Able to dip into real human emotions like empathy and compassion, Sophia’s human likeness makes her a fascinating keynote speaker. Sophia’s appearance at the conference will show attendees the part robotics and AI can play across all industries, AEC included. Thursday morning’s keynote will also be a must-see - our CEO, Shane Scranton, will be discussing the future of VR/AR adoption in the AEC industry.

Update: you can watch Shane's keynote below! 



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