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0.1.2 App Benchmarks

Posted by Shane on Jan 5, 2015

Update: you can learn more about our SketchUp workflow in this blog post.

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How to Give A Virtual Reality Demo

Posted by Shane on Dec 15, 2014

As more companies get their hands on Oculus Rift development kits, VR demo stations are making appearances at gaming conventions, architecture and construction trade shows, and technology conferences. Giving comfortable, quick, non-nauseating VR demos is new territory, so we outlined our own trade show rig. Let us know what you think! Do you prefer a different set up? Start the conversation below.

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Generative Design, Reality Computing, and Virtual Worlds at AU2014

Posted by Shane on Dec 7, 2014

IrisVR just got back from a week in Las Vegas exhibiting at Autodesk University 2014. It was a wonderful conference this year; 9500 well-fed attendees sat in classes ranging from BIM implementation to CGI breakdowns. Below is my recap of conference highlights and a short discussion around some of the exciting tools coming down the pike for VR and ArchViz.

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Employee Spotlight: Amr Thameen

Posted by Shane on Jul 29, 2014

From Architecture Studies to VR Visualization Authority

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Z-Fighting: What is It, and How Do I Fix It?

Posted by Shane on Jul 25, 2014

What is z-fighting? It is when two or more objects/surfaces share the same value during z-buffering (the process of deciding which element is seen from that view). In other words, it's when two or more objects are competing to be seen. In SketchUp, it is easy to recognize z-fighting due to its flashy/flickering effect, and in this case I had to delete one of the planes to resolve the issue. Another way to get around this issue is to move the top layer few fractions of an inch away from the bottom layer. 

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