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How to Flag Revit Elements in Prospect and Review in Revit, Dynamo, and Navisworks

Posted by Ana Garcia Puyol on Dec 6, 2017

Our latest update to Prospect Pro lets users export a list of flagged elements as a CSV file for later review. This feature can help you and your team have more efficient review sessions using your BIM model. Below, we outline the steps to get started and specific workflows for Revit, Dynamo, and Navisworks to VR.

Update as of November 2018: We now have a plugin for Navisworks - click here to learn more. Additionally, with the release of Prospect 2.4, you can automatically create a Report during your design review session or VR Meeting and download it as a PDF. Reports contain screenshots, flagged elements, notes, and action items. Read more about Reports here.

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How to Document Your In-VR Meeting in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Ana Garcia Puyol on Sep 27, 2017

Prospect 1.7 contains a new tool that allows you to read the materials and layers of an element while viewing your project in virtual reality. Additionally, we’ve added the ability to mark the object in red (flag it) so that it becomes clear which parts need to be reviewed and fixed in the original design.

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Enhancing Storytelling for Architecture

Posted by Ana Garcia Puyol on Mar 1, 2017


Presenting your project using Virtual Reality

At Iris, we are actively developing support for presentations to allow architects to tell the stories of the buildings they design in the most effective way. To do that, we have released Viewpoints, a new tool for Prospect. We like to think of Viewpoints as the chapters in the building’s story. Our objective is to help the designer narrate their vision while the client interacts with the space through a 360° degree view. 

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IrisVR Prospect plugin for Grasshopper

Posted by Ana Garcia Puyol on Jun 21, 2016


Data visualization of window pane area in the Farnsworth House
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